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The purpose of the club is to "increase and promote the satisfaction and enjoyment of its members in the hobby of Model Railroading".
The PV&W is the #1 model railroad at White Fence Farm!
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The PV&W is open to the public
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Railroading in the Rockies
The Platte Valley & Western Model Railway is a 501(c)3. Not-For-Profit organization.
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The Platte Valley and Western is a class 1, east/west railroad that runs from Kansas City in the east to Salt Lake City in the west.

Our (future back-room) HO scale layout models the PV&W's Rocky Mountain Division (RMD) which carries the PV&W traffic over the Rockies, from Platte City to River Junction.

The layout represents a slice of Colorado railroading in 1954. This era allows prototypically correct operation of both steam and diesel power on standard and narrow gauge trackage.

PV&W RAILWAY  (1954)
The PV&W RMD operates about 200 miles of trackage with its major challenge being traversing the Rocky Mountains. The crossing of the continental divide occurs at Summit Pass near the town of Eagle (9127').
The Platte City is the RMD division-point on the PV&W. Westbound trains arrive there from Kansas City; eastbounds from Salt Lake City.
Platte City sees four "named" transcontinental passenger trains as well as four scheduled through-freights daily.
In addition to the through-freights and passenger operations, there are many locals that begin/end in Platte City. These local runs go both east and west and provide freight and passenger rail service to the many smaller towns along the RMD, as well as interchanging with the Clear Creek and San Juan narrow gauge RR, a major revenue producer for the PV&W. Platte City is also the northern terminus of PV&W's Chester Branch line.
Because of it's excellent route though the mountains, other railroads have leased trackage rights from the PV&W, for both their own named passenger trains as well as their priority freights. A rail fan could reasonably expect to see a wide variety of "foreign" traffic on the RMD on any given day.

The PV&W incorporates routes of several railroads of Colorado in 1954... Union Pacific, Chicago-Burlington & Quincy, Missouri Pacific, Colorado & Southern, Santa Fe, Rio Grande and the Chicago-Rock Island & Pacific. Rolling stock from all of those railroads can be seen on the PV&W as well as other roads from various parts of the country.
Clear Creek & San Juan RR
PV&W's narrow gauge branch line was built in the late 1880s to bring ore down from the rich lodes deep in the Rockies. It interchanges with the PV&W standard gauge at the town of San Juan. PV&W acquired the line after the CC&SJ went bankrupt during the silver crash in 1893 and the PV&W has turned it once again into an active and profitable venture.

PV&W's Chester Branch:
This line was built in the 1880s by the Colorado & New Mexico RR to service the rich agricultural and mineral reserves along the prairie south-east of the Rockies.  PV&W acquired the C&NM after it went bankrupt during the depression in 1933. It runs south from the PV&W mainline at Platte City, down to the town of Randville where there is an interchange with the Southern Pacific RR. The branch is once again an active and profitable part of the PV&W RW empire.

Admission is always FREE!
(donations greatly appreciated)
Our formal operation events vary between strict 1954 prototypical scenarios and "fun runs" where just about anything can be run on the layout.
Special events featuring various time periods or different types of operation allow members to "show off" (long multiple SD70Ace coal drags; passenger-only nights; fallen flags; never-in-Colorado RRs; a POTUS special; etc.)

We are now looking for a new home since White Fence Farm closed 12/30/18.

If you have an idea for a new location let us know!
 updated: 1/05/2019
The front room "project layout" models a town, Gillen, on the PV&W branch-line: the Chester Branch. This branch runs from Platte City in the north, where it joins the PV&W mainline, down to it's southern terminus in Randville where it interchanges with the Southern Pacific . The town of Gillen has many industries.