Platte Valley & Western Railway
We welcome inquires about joining our club.

Whether you're new to model railroading, an experienced modeler, or just like trains, you may want to consider joining the PV&W.

We welcome all levels of experience and interest in the many facets of model railroading. As a member you will join with a group of like-minded model railroading enthusiasts to share your ideas and suggestions and to work on and operate our museum quality layout.

Dues are $15/month.

Pay your monthly dues via PayPal (please consider that PayPal charges ~3.5% per transaction).

Come enjoy a fun and creative hobby.
The PV&W is a fun, educational, and active model railroad organization.
Whatever your interests (scenery, operations, electronics, rolling stock, etc) you will have an opportunity to use and expand your skills here.
-        Keyed access to the layout facilities. You are welcome to
          work on and use the layout anytime.

-        Gain and share model railroading knowledge and skills as well
          as Colorado railroad history.

-        Improve your technical skills
-        Camaraderie with fellow model railroaders
-        Showcase your modeling skills to over 200+ visitors/night!!

Most of all....FUN!
We are a DCC powered layout using an NCE system.
Members may run their own equipment (once approved by the rolling stock committee) or use PV&W's.
Members are expected to participate in club development and maintenance activities, as well as assist at open houses and shows.
Railroading in the Rockies
Lack of model railroading experience is not a handicap to joining our organization Most members had very little experience at the time they joined the Club.
The Club provides the opportunity to learn and gain experience in our hobby.
The PV&W club is open to all with an interest in model railroading.
Some locomotives and cars are owned by individual members, and some are owned by the club. 
Each member contributes their effort according to personal talents and what phase of the hobby most appeals to that member.  For example. electrical wiring and control panels are done by members who understand such things, and would rather do that than create trees and mountains.   Custom building scenery is encouraged, as long as the 1954 Colorado theme is generally followed.
Remember: No matter what talents you may have or level of interest you have in model railroading, there's a place for you at the PV&W!
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